Discovering God in Loudoun County



Testimony of healing from Throne of Grace Dance Ministry

Isabelle is a wonderful, sweet 13 year-old  lover of God in our dance school.  She has lots of dances in our presentation (Miracles! on May 10 and May 21, 2014) including the solo where she represents the sea “waking up” as the Lord heals the coral reef.   She came to rehearsal monday night, April 28, limping  with…


Testimonies of Healing from Loudoun Burn

In July (2012) we celebrated the One Year anniversary of Loudoun Burn 24-7 with a huge regional Burn where many ministries and people from many churches came together to worship the Lord and give Him glory and honor and to cry out for revival and transformation in our region and our nation. It was truly…


Testimony of Healing

by: Teresa Cook
I broke my little toe very badly one Wed. evening while preparing for one of the Wed. night Community Worship Gatherings at our home. It wasn’t a simple jammed toe. It was sticking out sideways at about a 70 degree angle. Instead of going to the hospital…