Lift Up Loudoun

Loudoun Awakening periodically hosts focused prayer events in Loudoun County.  Join our e-mail list or to receive notification on the mobile app.
Monthly meetings at the Loudoun County Courthouse or the Loudoun County School Board.

STAFF Fellowship School Prayer

School employees can find where current, weekly fellowships exist throughout the county, as well as how to establish one within their school/department.  Staff are prayed for on a regular basis that God would create intentional, spirit-filled conversations with other staff members to bring others to an awareness of God’s saving grace through the Gospel. 

Intercessors  for     America

Pray over the headlines with believers from across the nation!
Use this linkhtps://
State Prayer Call:
Thursdays at 7:00 PM EST
(605) 313-5502
Access Code: 7130757
State Leader(s): Bob DavisContact Email: [email protected]: Glenn YoungkinCapital: RichmondState Motto:


Check out LOUDOUN BURN  24-7 Loudoun events!

The BURN is a periodi  12 hour time of worship and praise in Loudoun County.
Worship teams from across the county lead in worship in two -hour time slots.