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Pray for Throne of Grace

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Please join us in praying for the Throne of Grace Dance Ministry leading up to their performance of Miracles! on May 10 and May 21st. You can see more information about this event here.

  • Please pray for our family (David, Lisa, Elizabeth and Sophia) to receive all the Father has for us to love and lead our dancers and families during rehearsals May 7,8 and for our two presentations May 10 and May 21.
  • Please pray for the unbelieving friends and family attending Miracles! to experience God’s love and the miracle of salvation.  Pray for all  those in the audience to be catapulted to a new awareness of the Father’s love and power.
  • Pray for our dancers and their families to understand their role in dancing as ambassadors for Christ.

Updated Prayer Requests on May 9th:

Our dancers have been pouring themselves out in rehearsal and we are eagerly anticipating an outpouring of God’s glory and joy at our Saturday presentations.  Please pray for each dancer and family to go boldly before the throne and receive the restoration our minds, bodies and spirits need to be refreshed and filled up for tomorrow.

Specifically pray for Sophia, my fifteen year-old daughter.   She dances two very demanding, long and beautiful solos in addition to many other excerpts.  Please agree with us for complete healing for her knee and ankle which took a hit during rehearsals yesterday.   Her knee is bruised and swollen from falling to the floor when she was dancing the part of the demon-possessed man who was healed and she actually started spraining her ankle in a series of turns and pulled herself out of it and kept turning.  God is working powerfully through her!

We do have a few other dancers complaining of stomach, throat pain.  Please agree with us for divine healing and health!

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