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India – A Narrative About Missionary Work In the Land

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by: Cody Williams

Devils can have power over you without Jesus! If I was made to say one thing about India, it’s just that. There is just no hope in India without Jesus. Thankfully, Jesus is alive and thriving there. As of right now, there are 71 Million people that confess Jesus as THE Lord in that land, according to unofficial estimates from denominations across the spectrum (Baptist, Nazarene, Presbyterian, and Charismatic). To put it into perspective, there are approximately 1.3 billion people who currently reside in India. The entire country is located in the center of the 10/40 window. Out of all the un-evangelized countries in the world, due to its large population, India contributes the most to the population of Hell in the world today, out of any single country, along with China.

With that in mind, the story begins on the 25th of November, 2013. A team consisting of Leo Nicotra (NCMI Team Member), Duncan Boyd- Moss (Elder-Life to the Nations Church, Australia), Joanna Ras (Media Operator), and I landed in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. During the flight, I had the opportunity to preach the good news to a Hindu man that worshiped Kali. Have you ever watched Indiana Jones: Temple of Doom? Did you see that big scary idol? That’s exactly what these poor people worship. Anyway, the gospel went out to this man, sitting right next me on the plane! He prayed and gave his life up to Jesus before the plane took off! Pretty cool right? That’s God — you say it, He pulls ‘em.

When we landed at this airport in Chennai, the smell hit my nose with a very potent sensation. I mean it was literally right as we walked out of the airport! Not only was it the smell that shocked us, but the amount of beggars and people crowding you because you were fair skinned. We eventually arrived at the hotel, our equivalent of a 4 Star Hotel, and everywhere around us were just slums as far as the eye could see. There was no division of rich and poor. It was all mixed in together.

The next night we flew to another city (we did not minster in Chennai) called Coimbatore. There we met an Anglican Priest as well as an Indian NCMI team member by the name of Stanley Prasanth. If you ever get a chance, please pray for this man. His family battles with diseases that come from bad food and water as well as persecution. We met these people, and then ministered at both of their churches, one in the morning and one at night. The morning meeting was supposed to be a Pastor’s meeting, but people came and gave themselves to Jesus! One of us would preach a short Gospel presentation and then mostly Leo Nicotra would give the word in full. On three occasions I preached a full message. I’ll tell you what, learning to make a message is a skill believers need to build more. It was extremely valuable experience.

Now at the night service, they performed an Indian (not a Hindu) welcoming ritual where they cloth you in this cloth and a necklace and they sing and stuff. It was interesting. After the ritual a message was preached, and we prayed for the sick and possessed. Nine out of 10 People we prayed for had an issue with demonic connections. Their sickness would be caused by an evil spirit as opposed to being caused naturally by bacteria and infections. However, unless you had an interpreter with you, which was rare, you didn’t know what they wanted prayer for. I remember one particular occasion, this middle aged woman came for prayer. I laid hands on her, she started to flap and shake like some sort of fish. I just said, “Come out in the name of Jesus!” over and over. She then preceded to lift OFF the ground around 4 inches! As soon as “Right now!” came out of my mouth she fell to the ground and was silent. Later she would go on to tell an interpreter that she met a man — Jesus — in her vision and wanted to follow him! Interesting, God can work around language barriers! The whole team experienced awesome prayer times and preaching.

On another occasion, we were in a village in Northern India. We had hiked for hours and hours just to get there. Finally, when we arrived, we preached the gospel to them and people gave up their old life for Jesus in the Hindu temple where we prayed for them! While we were doing prayer, we saw this thing lying in the concrete, muddy and covered with flies off in the distance. We went to go check it out and it was a child! A three-month-old boy, practically naked, out in the open, was lying fl at on the hard rock surface. The screams from this poor boy were those of pain, not just a normal baby cry. It was almost completely gangrenous and had an ulcer so deep you could put your finger part-way into it. The Father Heart of God, however, had different plans for this child. We (Duncan, translator, and I) prayed for the kid and the color started to change! The baby looked at us, dead silent and smiled. That’s the anointed Spirit for you. The ulcer squeezed in, so you couldn’t fit anything in it and the gangrene was almost completely gone. Wonderful times in the Presence of God!

Author: loudoun_awakening