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Testimonies of Healing from Loudoun Burn

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In July (2012) we celebrated the One Year anniversary of Loudoun Burn 24-7 with a huge regional Burn where many ministries and people from many churches came together to worship the Lord and give Him glory and honor and to cry out for revival and transformation in our region and our nation. It was truly an amazing time!   It was awesome to see the unity in the body of Christ as people from many denominations, nations and generations came together to lift up our Lord.


Shoulder Injury Healed…..Nora had a torn muscle or tendon in her shoulder. But God healed it. This is her quote from facebook the next day. “Oh, and thank you Lord for the “miraculous” shoulder healing at the Loudoun Burn last night! Your love and grace is so amazing!!!!!”

Intestinal issues healed…Melanie was having intestinal issues and received prayer Friday night at the Burn. Here is her report a few days later. “I went to the doctor today and he said there is nothing wrong with my intestines. My symptoms have slowly started to subside since Friday night. To God be the glory for His healing power. Thank you for the prayers :) ”

Goitered (enlarged) thyroids healed… On Saturday afternoon at the Burn Sharla C.  led us in prayer asking the Lord to break the curse of Lyme’s and cancer on our region and we truly felt a healing rain falling on us and she had a vision of angels being released to carry healing to people suffering from these illnesses. It seemed that something broke through at that time. Later in the evening she brought 2 of her daughters back with her who have Lyme’s and associated illnesses.  After spending some time in the worship her 11 The 11 yr. old received prayer for healing from Hoshimoto’s disease which she had struggle with for 3 years that was caused by Lyme’s.  This disease left her with goitered thryoids that made her neck look puffy and larger than normal. As we prayed for her thyroids and other issues from the Lyme’s God totally shrunk her thyroids back to normal size. This young girl was overwhelmed with seeing her neck back to normal after so long. God continued to manifest his presence throughout her body as she said she felt like there were big fireworks going off in her stomach that we had prayed for and felt heat and tingling all through her body. Praise the Lord for His healing touch in her life. We are praying now for completion of the healing work God began in her that night!

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