Discovering God in Loudoun County

Testimony of Healing

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by: Teresa Cook

I broke my little toe very badly one Wed. evening while preparing for one of the Wed. night Community Worship Gatherings at our home. It wasn’t a simple jammed toe. It was sticking out sideways at about a 70 degree angle. Instead of going to the hospital, I decided to ice it and wait for our friends to come for worship and prayer. We had seen quite a few healings in the past month at these gatherings and I needed one this time. We began worship and after about 10 minutes, one of the ladies came to me and began to pray quietly for the Lord to come and heal my toe. Instantly I felt the Lord’s presence and it felt as if He took my foot in His hand and gently pulled my toe up and reset it right before our eyes. Immediately my toes began curling and flexing. My foot felt as if it was in a bucket of ice and we watched the color change and the swelling begin to go down. I was able to walk on it within minutes. Praise the Lord! It took some time for the bruising and some tenderness to go away completely as my foot adjusted to the realignment but it is now fully healed and no Dr. or crutches were necessary thanks to my loving God who cared about me.

There is healing in the Lord’s presence as we take the time to seek Him and draw near to him.

Author: loudoun_awakening