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Testimony of healing from Throne of Grace Dance Ministry

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Isabelle is a wonderful, sweet 13 year-old  lover of God in our dance school.  She has lots of dances in our presentation (Miracles! on May 10 and May 21, 2014) including the solo where she represents the sea “waking up” as the Lord heals the coral reef.   She came to rehearsal monday night, April 28, limping  with her foot wrapped.  It hurt to walk and the doctor thought it could be a stress fracture.

That night we prayed before rehearsal and then put out email requests and asked people to pray.

Wednesday April 30, we gathered to pray and had a sweet time of worship and prayer before our Heavenly Father.  We even had another dancer and board member call in and join our prayers over the phone.  On the way to the car she said it started to feel a little better.

Thursday she got x-rays and saw the orthopedist.  He he said it was a sprained tendon and she should be able to start dancing next week.

In the middle of the night a throbbing foot pain which she had not had before woke her up.  Her mom rubbed it and prayed silently and Isabelle prayed as she went back to sleep.  She woke up this morning and said she hardly felt any pain and when she points her foot the pain level is 3 out of 10.

WE GIVE YOU PRAISE HEAVENLY FATHER AND WE SAY, MORE, MORE, MORE IN JESUS NAME!  We trust you to complete this good work you have begun!
Isabelle came to rehearsal Monday May 5 and danced!  We all cheered, clapped and thanked Jesus as we watched her dance.

Today, May 6, she came to lessons with flu like symptoms.  She felt a little better by this afternoon and we encouraged her to keep drawing near to her heavenly father and worshiping Him.

Please continue to thank the Lord and pray that Isabelle would have a sweet, rich time of fellowship with her heavenly daddy and she draws near to His love and receives all the healing He has for her!

One of Isabelle’s favorite songs is God’s Great Floor.  In fact she gave me the idea for using it at our May 21 service.  So if you want to get some great dancing in and pray for Isabelle, clear the living room floor and prayerfully sing and dance to this:

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