Discovering God in Loudoun County

7th Annual Bible Reading Marathon 2014 – Day 3

  • 06:00 AM - 12:00 AM
  • Loudoun County Courthouse Grounds
  • 703-443-1343
The Bible Reading Marathon will begin on Saturday, April 26 at Noon. It will continue daily from 6:00 am to Midnight until its conclusion on Thursday, May 1, at Noon.


Individuals, churches, church groups, youth groups, bible studies and ministries are encouraged to sign up to read the scripture for 1 hour.  It is recommended that a least four people and as many as eight or ten plan to read during the hour. You can reserve your time slot here!


The community is invited to be a part of a tradition that is thousands of years old! “The word of God” – the books that now comprise the Old Testament were collected by the Israelites and revered as divinely inspired by God for hundreds of years before the birth of Christ. In fact the Old Testament recorded events where God’s people gathered and stood for hours, listening to the scriptures being read aloud. At that time of course, there were just a few copies of the sacred texts and the only way that people could learn God’s Word was to hear it read aloud.


In that tradition, Loudoun Awakening hosts the 7th annual Bible Reading Marathon on the Loudoun County Courthouse grounds in Leesburg. It will begin at noon on April 26 on the marathon site at the Loudoun Awakening tent positioned on North King Street on the north side of the Law Library. The readings will proceed until midnight each evening and renew at 6:00 AM each morning until Thursday, May 1st, when the marathon concludes at noon, to coordinate with the National Day of Prayer.

Please join us at noon for the opening and come back to read with a group of friends from your church, fellowship group or bible study during the week.

If you prefer to talk with someone rather than sign up online, please call: 703-443-1343.


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Bible Reading Marathon:  April 26 – May 1.  Recent research shows a decline among youth that revere the Bible as the Word of God.  Join our effort to proclaim it as the Truth by reading it from Genesis to Revelation beginning Saturday at noon on April 26 up until the National Day of Prayer at noon on Thursday, May 1.  Visit for more information or to sign up.

National Day of Prayer,  Please join church and community leaders in prayer for our Nation, Thursday, May 1, 2014, noon to 1 o’clock at the Leesburg Town Green, 25 W. Market  Street, Leesburg, VA (in case of rain, it will be moved inside to Leesburg Town Council Chambers)

Bible Reading Marathon Brochure