Discovering God in Loudoun County

Awaken the Dawn 2014

  • The Prayer Furnace ~ Fredericksburg House of Prayer Missions Base

May 22 – 25, 2014

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Awaken the Dawn 2014 is about a Jesus movement.

Our highest goal is to encounter Jesus. His presence satisfies the deepest cravings of the human heart. We are not following movements. We are following a Man. He has our allegiance. He is the remedy for a nation in crisis. He is mobilizing an organic movement of prayer, awakening, and mission.

We believe that there is a shift taking place in how we gather. This gathering and many others like it will be built on friendships, centered around the presence of God, engaging in long hours of contending prayer and worship, and directly impacting the region through acts of justice and compassion in the midst of the gathering.

Towards that end, we are going to gather friends from around that nations at ATD and give extended times to the presence of God in worship and creativity and contending prayer. We will then send people out on Sunday afternoon to declare Christ around the region and heal the sick at the gathering. There will be a marriage of community, prayer, and missions in the gathering as we contend for a third great awakening in America.

There are four primary mandates of Awaken the Dawn:

  • The worship movement – intimacy with Jesus, presence of God, creativity, and the first commandment.
  • Contending prayer.
  • Supernatural ministry.
  • Mission and acts of justice unto the completion of the Great Commission.

Location and Venue

The Prayer Furnace Missions Base & Events Center
Right near to Cracker Barrel off of the I-95 Massaponax exit 126
5024 Southpoint Parkway
Fredericksburg, VA 22408


Speakers and Worship Leaders

Lou Engle, Allen Hood, Ray Hughes, Georgian Banov, Brian Kim, Darrian Summerville, Sean Feucht, Brian Brennt, David Bradshaw, Scott Bradshaw, Randy Martinez, Incense & Arrows